Friday, 29 October 2010


...They've been a lot more sparse of late on this blog...but don't worry, its still going and we're still pumping them out. This is nothing more than a quick message and reminder that we have a sister blog at which is updated much more regularly with a lot larger scope of videos and music posted. Its essentially more for new music of all types in video form for everyone to sample the best out.

However, don't take his as any evidence Northern Author is slowing down though...we're still very much at large and in charge.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Finally the second instalment of Sway's Delivery mixtape series has dropped on his website and it just heightens the anticipation for his forthcoming 2011 full-length official album "The Deliverance".

Its the usual high-grade mix of lyrics, lyrics and more lyrics. Which is the ONLY blueprint any emcee should follow (yet sadly no-one does). Is he the best rapper in the UK right now? There certainly arent many contenders who could spar with him on any shore for pure lyrical ability and flow. I certainly wouldnt disagree with him claiming #1.

Anyway, here's the link and tracklist....enjoy yet another GREAT mixtape from Dcypha Productions.

Sway - The Delivery Mixtape Vol. II (Lost In Transit) (2010)


01. 2nd Delivery
02. Here We Go Again
03. Bring Me ft. Klayz
04. Blow Ur Horns
05. 5001
06. Whose Line Is It Anyway
07. Walk Out My Life ft. Monica
08. Chart Attack ft. Leo LeVox
09. Come On
10. Blackberry Man
11. F64 [100 Bar Special]
12. 2011 (Still Attacking) ft. Raptor
13. It’s My Time [Freestyle]
14. Outkast ft. Wretch 32
15. My Soul Pleads ft. Simon Webb
16. Nelson Lives [Freestyle]
17. My Home Town ft. Benny D & Rock City
18. Wonderman
19. Road To Deliverance
20. Overtime ft. Akon & T-Pain

And in addition to the mixtape, Sway and his team have leaked his version of Tinchy Strider's upcoming hit "Over":