Friday, 19 November 2010

Droop-E Diamond

Inspiration comes from many different places, whether it be from your peers, your family, your friends, or your idols. My inspiration for the past few days has came from a low-key EP from a 22-year old producer from The Bay Area, California by the name of Droop-E (for those of you not in the know, he is Bay Area legend E-40's son).

The guy has been producing bangers since he was 14/15, and was a product of the hyphy movement that swallowed and spat out rap music for a strong couple year period and created some of the most innovative (yet sadly also some of the most ignorant) rap music the US have made in the last decade.

Droop-E's style has evolved since, and on his new EP "BLVCK Diamond Life", he found his inspiration.


The EP sees Droop-E sampled from her/their seminal album Diamond Life for 8 tracks of hip-hop beauty. Laidback basslines, horn sections, airy synths, mellow vocals, all layered superbly and topped off with some of the Bay Area's finest. Its one of the best breakthrough EPs of the year, and its a massive evolution in sound for the kid who has already stepped out of his father's shadow to excel on his own.

Droop-E - BLVCK Diamond Life (2010)

1. Blvck Diamond Intro (feat. Matt Blaque & Laroo)
2. Like A Tattoo
3. I'm Loaded (feat. E-40)
4. Cherish The Bay (feat. Ya Boy & J. Valentine)
5. High In The Sky (Instrumental)
6. Sade Interview
7. Hungry (feat. 1st Place & Work Dirty)
8. Dreams

To Download, click on this link straight to his website:

Thursday, 11 November 2010