Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Countryman Returns

The tracklist and album cover was leaked a few weeks back but now we have audio for the new material by the legendary Daddy Skitz. Here's the flipside on the first single off his album "Sticksman", due out within the next month or so.

Skitz (feat. Buggsy) - Born Inna System by SniperInTheMist


Just went over to Disorda's "Suspect Packages" site and found his free dubstep mix "Dub Socket 1" and gave it a quick listen. Recently I have to admit I've been getting into some dubstep (much to my own dismay at first), and there are some great artists and sounds coming out of that scene. I'd had a small affinity with drum and bass from my teenage years which has waned but dubstep has somehow managed to ignite that a bit recently by association.

Anyway, enough of my musical dabblings, ramblings and dribble. Here's the full 1 hour 10mins long 24 track mix featuring some great tracks hand-picked by Disorda himself for download and listening. Get on it like a car bonnet.

Also, make sure you check out both and also the official site for all of your vinyl, CD, and musical needs (

Dub Socket 1 by on Mixcloud

Press play above on the picture and it gives you the tracklist also.


Friday, 26 March 2010

New & Rotten

Tony Rotten is back with new material, and here is the first track to be heard from his upcoming album "Elevelation" (and no, I havent spelt that wrong). Its up for free download on his bandcamp site as both a radio edit and original version and its entitled "Before N After".

Here's a youtube vid preview of it with the link to the bandcamp for the FREE download below:

<a href="">Before N After (Dirty) by SoulCulture</a>

Site link for download:

Thursday, 25 March 2010

UK Round-Up 25/03/2010

Three new UK rap videos have surfaced within the last 48 hours....and I thought the UK hip-hop scene was dead as a commercial tool....silly me.

Three videos from three great artists, two established, one upcoming. Here they are:

First up is one of my favourite UK emcees who I've tracked since his Heavy Bronx debuts, his EPs with Zero Theory and more recently Endemic. Here's his new video for "Gilgamesh II":

Next up its punchline prince Mystro with his track "Aquarius", from his upcoming EP "F.D.T.":

And finally we have upcoming emcee Skandal with his track "Kill Em With The Flow" featuring Black The Ripper and Little Dee (directed by fellow emcee Charlie Sloth):

Finally, here's one bonus video by emcee Dzham which I was sent that piqued my interest (mainly for the guest spot by Sway to be fair). Its hit first release on these shores but he's a ruskie fella, coming straight out of the world of Andrey Arshavin and numerous bond villains (thats really honestly all I know about Russia, sorry people). I bet he wears a dead animal for a hat and drinks vodka for breakfast. Anyway, here's the vid:

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Northern Author's The Brew Vol. I

I always feel a little guilty uploading full albums of people’s work, especially if its fairly recent and I’m always aware of my place in the music game (virtually insignificant in terms of promotion but can provide free music to anyone). I know the music always comes first and know that taking away a an artist’s music is taking away his money at the end of the day.

So…lets turn over a new leaf, wipe my arse with the usual LP drops (which may still surface every now and then don’t worry…they’ll just be few and far between) and get cracking with the nacking on something new.

I’m not a DJ. I can’t mix. I’m not a rapper (even though I can rap…albeit quite badly). I do write songs but theyre all crap and my mild middle class half-geordie accent doesn’t give my voice the same impact as Rock from Heltah Skeltah to say the least…………

I am a fan. I’m no better than the sexy c*nts reading my website and I won’t ever profess to be, despite my holier-than-thou writing style I can adopt.

As a fan I have my taste in music. Its different to yours, maybe in subtle ways, maybe massively different. But its mine. I thought “let’s give other people a taste of me”. Then I paid the prostitute for the blowjob, came home and thought about hip-hop (wahey!).

Here’s my take on hip-hop. Its going to be a mix of US, UK, Bangladeshi, Papua New Guinea and Pluto rap. Its going to be as old as the wrinkles on a pensioner’s scrotum and as new as a baby with the umbilical cord still attached. Its going to be as big as Lola Ferrari’s bangers but probably reach an audience as small as a button mushroom penis.

I have guilty pleasures, some artist you may not associate with this blog’s modus operandi, some familiar names, some unknowns. I have rarities and bootleg tracks thrown in, some songs as common as muck. I’ll try and stay away from the classics and very VERY well known tracks because to be honest you can find them anywhere, and when inputting a simple google search for let’s say “Live At The Barbecue” par example, I highly doubt this particular modest blog will be the first result.

Its really just me, making a compilation. Giving it to you. No slant, no gimmicks, no theme. Just download, add boiling water and drop in a teabag (milk optional). Sip it you bitch.

So…I’m going to make a brew. Anyone want one?

Northern Author's The Brew Vol. I (March 2010)

1. Metermaids - Blackout Baby

To start off the first volume here is some brand new material from NY-based duo The Metermaids, a group who have definitely received love on the internet through free downloads and their debut EP (from which this is lifted) and now are making the transition to love worldwide. This is a sharp introduction over rock-influenced beats to the group and a sign of great things to come.

2. The Closers - Get Down Or Lay Down (feat. Blaq Poet)

A new group comprised of Shabaam Sahdeeq, Redeye & Thorotracks, The Closers have released a very impressive first LP with classic east-coast grit. This track features Year Round (DJ Premier) artist Blaq Poet lacing an orchestrated beat with New York style and panache. Look out for the mixtape “The Bullpen Sessionz” hosted by the legendary DJ Scratch as its well worth a download.

3. Tajai - Raindance (Remix)

Lifted from the 2005 Hiero compilation “Hiero Imperium Presents…The Corner”, this remix produced by urinates upon the original from high as the part-time member of the legendary Souls of Mischief goes in on a brooding track in an inimitable Hieroglyphics style.

4. Gorillaz - White Flag (feat. Kano & Bashy)

From the massive new album ‘Plastic Beach’ which will inevitably be flying off the shelves at all HMVs nationwide, this track is easily the most high profile on the mix. My interest in this one lies with the guest emcees, as Damon Albarn drafts in Kano and Bashy to trade verses over a musical backdrop created by erm…The Lebanese National Orchestra. Yeah. Not joking either. Anyway, its completely different to anything Kano OR Bashy (thank god its different in his case) have done before and its great to hear them spread their wings to different musical planets.

5. Ghost, Kashmere The Iguana Man & DPF - Flip It

Taken from Breakin Bread (Disorda and co.)’s album “dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop”, this song is a personal favourite of mine from years back. Ghost, a criminally overlooked producer who has been responsible for some of the smoothest, realest beats in UK hip-hop’s lifetime, creates another stonker of a track for two great emcees to spar on. At the time both Kashmere and DPF were hardly household names, but both had built up reps from debut singles and EPs, however, they sound like veterans on this track, which is pretty much a song capturing the very essence of hip-hop and rolling all of it onto one 3 minute extravaganza.

6. Slum Village - Dope Man

SV are back and at the tail end of 2009 they released an EP titled Villa Manifesto. Considering the group’s legendary status it was another one that crept under the radar and got lost in the shuffle. “Dope Man” is the best track from the EP and even features a posthumous verse from Baatin, who tragically died in 2009, leaving T3 as the only original member still alive from the legendary group.

7. Mystik Journeymen - Anthill (feat. Kirby Dominant)

Another set of veterans who have recently dropped an EP is the Mystik Journeymen, members of the Living Legends crew along with others such as Murs, The Grouch & Eligh. MJ have been away a long time and as a personal fan of their brilliant album “The Black Sands Ov Eternia” from back in 1999, I’ve been waiting for this for AGES. The EP isnt exactly radio-friendly (not that you’d expect that from Sunspot Jonz and his crew) but BFAP and Luckyiam have crafted some great other-wordly underground shit that will keep your ears ringing.

8. Philly’s Most Wanted - Dust Ya Boots

A strange choice I know, but Philly’s Most are a group I think got a bit of a raw deal to be honest. Their debut back in the early 2000s came out with major label backing and with production entirely handled by The Neptunes (JUST before they became the biggest producer name in the world) and T-Mix from Suavehouse, yet still never garnered much media attention. I actually liked that album and to this day still think some of Hugo/Williams hardest beats are on there, so on the strength of that when I saw the follow-up going on the cheap I picked it up. “Ring The Alarm” was hardly a classic but it had its moments, and this track is one I’ve came back to a couple of times over the years. Not heard anything from Boobonic & Mr. Man since.

9. K-Os - 4, 3, 2, 1

I have to admit. K-Os is one of my favourite artists. Everytime there’s a gap between his releases I seem to forget about him but everytime I hear a K-Os track it just reminds me how good this guy really is. I highly doubt I’ll need to introduce you to him as he’s had hits in abundance on the rap scene. All four of his albums have been at the very least “8 out of 10” quality and last year’s “Yes” was no different. Don’t sleep on Canada’s best export since Iain Hume signed for Tranmere Rovers.

10. Camp Lo - Black Connect III

What can I say about Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede that hasn’t already been said. No-one knows what theyre on about, yet everyone is fascinated by them! A rap style like no other with beats produced by Ski (a man who has more classics to his name than most other ignored producers I can think of) is a match made in heaven and these guys have been pumping out blaxploitation on wax since their Luchini days.

11. Orphans Of Cush - Warheadz

I posted my thoughts on the Orphans of Cush album “White Noize” not too long back, and even now I still maintain that it’s the best UK hip-hop LP of the last year. Masikah, Cyrus Malachi, Kyza & Melanin9 have created one of the rawest collections since the police dug up Fred West’s patio. Warheadz is just straight up gutter rap, and with the hard beats in place, Cush are all about the three things I love the most in hip-hop: Lyrics, Rhymes, Flow.

12. Diversion Tactics - Twelve Steps

Released to not much fanfare at the turn of the year, Diversion Tactics’ “Careful On The Way Up” LP had some gems on it rooted clearly in the UK scene. Twelve Steps draws upon their usual influences of breaks and jazz sounds and sees Jazz T, Zygote and the Chubby Alcoholic at their simple but effective best.

13. Endemic - Three Kings (feat. Hell Razah, Melanin 9 & Kevlaar 7)

We’ve already had one appearance by Melanin9 here, but down to producer Endemic’s top notch album “Terminal Illness” we have another. He joins Sunz Of Man illumini Hell Razah and Kevlaar7 on a posse cut which shines on the Nottingham born beatsmith’s debut. I recommend that LP to anyone whoo enjoys hip-hop, and with appearances by Sean Price, Planet Asia, Killah Priest and other Orphans Of Cush members, you really can’t go wrong. On another note is Needle Drop EP with fellow Nottingham dweller Cappo is fantastic.

14. Sway - Konvict (Freestyle)

I couldn’t really drop ANY compilation right now without giving Sway a shoutout. His Delivery mixtape has pretty much blown any other mixtape released in the past year out of the water, and he has improved his flow and rhymes so much since his last outing that its impossible to write him off for massive success in the future. I could have chosen any track from it really but went for this smoothed out freestyle just because he outlines his ambition to be the UK’s best…something we all expect him to be very very soon. If you havent already got the mixtape, you really should be ashamed of yourself!

15. D.O.E. - Rollin’ (feat. Timbaland & Lil’ Jon)

Possibly another strange inclusion out of leftfield, but it’s a song I’ve loved since I first heard it. Timbaland’s fall from grace can be documented quite easily from his glory days producing a classic pretty much every week in the early 2000s to now, where he produces pop-garbage for Hannah Montana and Katy Perry. It breaks my fucking heart it does! Right now lets forget about that and remember him for his ability to create genre-bending and trend-setting beats that could make ANYONE sound like the best emcee on the planet. This song was from 2006, and the debut track from the “blink-and-he-was-gone” emcee John Doe. Since Beat Club was wrapped up and Timbo went onto bigger (but not better) things, Doe was dropped and left to rot in industry limbo, but before he was done he was part of one amazing track.

16. Freeway & Jake One - African Drums

Anyone who knows me will have heard me waxing lyrical on how brilliant Philly freezer and Jake One’s Stimulus Package album is. Its my favourite album of 2010 so far by a country mile, and has so many highlights. This track however, is a recently leaked song which didn’t quite make the cut for the album, but despite that it still keeps the same sound that made the album so great. Great beats, great rhymes, a great marriage of two artists at the top of their game.

17. E-40 - Behind Gates (feat. Ice Cube)

Yeah I listen to 40 Water, what of it?! I know artists like E-40 don’t usually get a great reception in the UK, and their appeal in the US doesn’t always translate, but E-40 is one artist I’ve always had a fascination with. His slang-creating past has trail-blazed a lot of hip-hop’s modern speech and he has represented the Bay Area scene for almost two decades now. This track features none other than Ice Cube and was from the 2000 release “Loyalty & Betrayal” and quite frankly, the beat is a monster.

18. Gary Bartz - Gentle Smiles

Some might not know the name or this particular song….but EVERYONE will know the sample. The chorus’ horn section forms the memorable hook sample in A Tribe Called Quest’s “Butter”, Phife’s ode to something other than margerine. This song is a classic in its own right, and despite its age, still sounds as fresh, sexy and cool as it would of when first recorded.

19. Klashnekoff - Runnin Thru Da Rain (feat. K9 & Ric)

BRAND NEW K-Lash! Klashnekoff released this cat out of the bag himself through his twitter account in late February and it’s a great sign of what we should expect from his upcoming mixtape “Back to the Sagas”. With this song and “Paper Up” both sounding incredible, the rest will surely continue his rich vein of form and follow his two classic albums and one good mixtape with yet another good release.

20. Skeme - Turning

An oldie-but-goodie from the Titan Sounds stable, Skeme made this track way way back in the year 2000 as part of Titan Sounds’ record label compilation “The Introduction”, and it stole the show. A nice vocal sample and a great bassline sets the mood for the last sip of your first brew. Come back to enjoy the next one.

Here's the link again: Northern Author's The Brew Vol. I (March 2010)

DJ MK Presents...Skandal - Hunger Pains

UK emcee Skandal is making big waves in the scene getting a lot of love on the radio stations and in the streets, and as his career picks up momentum he's got the legendary DJ MK on board for his mixtape "Hunger Pains".

The Mixtape is available either in mp3 downloadable format (or all them other crazy bastard formats like flac grenade and 320kkkkkkkk etc) OR you can order a physical copy like I have because I'm a grumpy set in my ways kind of fool.

Either way, the media player below will essentially give you the ability to try before you buy if you will, by scanning through the tracks. Link after the player to buy.

Great artwork on this tape by the way. Check out the full artwork on his bandcamp page.

<a href="">DJ MK Intro by skandal</a>
To buy, for only £5 for the full mixtape, go to

Thursday, 18 March 2010

A New Plan?

I noticed from Plan B's recent new single "She Said" that the guy seems to be making a foray into the commercial market with his new material. Fair play to the guy, I'm a big fan of his first album and his recent work with Chase & Status has pretty much had his name firmly in UK's collective consciousness considering C&S's fanboy pull.

Selling out is an issue all people need to deal with if they want to make it big. Some people sell out in a BAD BAD way. Think Will.I.Am and Black Eyed Peas. Never a great group in the first place in my opinion, but any group who can bring out "Joints + Jams" that boast a producer (Will.I.Am) capable of making thought-provoking and great jazzy albums like "Lost Change OST" should NOT be able to be caught dead making the kind of tripe they are right now.

Dizzee Rascal towed the line quite thinly with his "Tongue N Cheek" album, which was a solar system away from the hip-hop sensibilities that ran through his previous effort "Maths + English". Dizzee got away with it for two reasons though. First reason being that he has always flirted with the dance scene ever since his debut LP. Hell, Stand Up Tall was his biggest hit to date at one point and that's basically an emcee rhyming over a full on dance track. Second reason....Bonkers was, well bonkers. It took the UK by storm, opened him up to a whole new scene without actually forgetting his roots. Dizzee never changed his actual style, just his sound. Its the same Dizzee but with dance producers instead of hip-hop/grime beatmakers. I applaud him for that (even though you can get fucked if I'm listening to his new LP!).

Plan B hasn't even had to tow the line too much really. He's on Jonathan Ross in a suit and bowtie. He's singing more and rapping less. But the music hasnt lost any of its vigour and appeal. One thing you can count on with Plan B is passion. It pulses in his veins and I hope that continues with his new material. The new song is so-so. Not my favourite I must admit but it has appeal and will double his fanbase overnight without proverbially milking the lovepump of a pop audience.

Plan B's flirtation with drum and bass hasnt gone unnoticed and arguably some of his better work has came on those few forays into this scene. 16-Bit have dropped a dubstep remix of the track and for me it beats the hell out of the original. I'm not exactly going to masturbate over dubstep (there are enough trendy sites out there that will do it for me) but I will admit it seems to be the new genre to capture the imagination of young urban music fans these days despite being around for a good few years now. Should UK hip-hop embrace these new sounds and make an effort with more cross-overs? You be the judge, here's the track...

Plan B - She Said - (16Bit Remix) by SniperInTheMist

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Just before he releases his fourth highly anticipated LP "Emotions", Ty has gone in with DJ Bounce and dropped a free mixtape to whet appetities and form a creamy bit of residue on the end of your penises for the full release.

Something Big has some big names, some remixes, some exclusives, some classics and some tasters of what is still to come so courtesy of the far superior UK rap blog Certified Banger (go to that site, never come back to this one) here it is.

Ty - Something Big (Mixtape) (2010)

01 Skit - Intro
02 Break The Lock - TY
03 Dont Watch That - TY
04 Worldwide - Funky DL (ft TY) Hot Mix
05 Down For The Count - Reflection Eternal (ft TY & Blak Twang) UK version
06 Skit (Ghetto Yout)
07 Hey There - 2000 Black aka Dego & Kaidi Tatham (ft TY)
08 Skit (Space Monkey)
09 Phantom Of The Opera - TY (ft Anthony Mills)
10 Me - TY (ft Erik Rico)
11 Pick It Up - Nathan Haines (ft TY) Submariner remix
12 Dont Push Me - Tettory Bad (ft TY)
13 Groovement - TY
14 Emotions - TY (ft Sarina Leah & Shaun Escoffery) Album version
15 Heart Full Of You - Robert Mitchell (ft TY & Deborah Jordan)
16 Keep On - Bone Idols (ft TY & Aphletik)
17 Woman To Man - Tony Allen (ft TY)
18 Can’t Help Myself - The Bamboo’s (ft TY)
19 Legacy - Zion I (ft TY & Jennifer Johns)
20 When Robots Go To War - TY (ft Motet) Daz I Kue remix
21 Wait A Minute - TY (Dwele remix)
22 Emotions - TY (Waajeed remix)
23 Style & Pattern - John Arnold (ft TY)
24 The Way We Like It - Natalie Williams (ft TY & Eska)
25 The Idea - TY (ft De La Soul’s Pos & Dave)
26 Outro

More updates coming in the next few days, been a bit stagnant on here for a week so heads up cos we droppin some shit.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

UK Round-Up (02/03/2010)

Here's a chance for me to drop some great new downloads for you from new UK artists on the scene. Recently there have been a large amount of mixtapes and albums surfacing on the net for free from UK emcees trying to get into the game so here's a few of them I've been sent and been impressed by. Some are being covered in more depth on other sites but I felt it necessary to offer my own blog for more exposure for these deserved artists.

Without a massive background on some of this first emcee I'm going to let him do his own background bio's and rest my wanking hand for a bit. Enjoy the free albums and support your local artists!

No Change - Land Of The Lost (2010)

Welcome to the truth and the very real world of 'No Change' without argument one of the most exciting prospects for UK music!

The story begins back in 1997 when the BBC broadcast a half hour documentary on him living the life that most kids either dream of or have nightmares about. He was smoking weed, skateboarding and humourously exposing the theme park he worked on as a "dangerous place...this provided a very funny story and sent this artist on the path he follows today!

Three years and two broken legs later, sacked, kicked out of home onto the streets (homeless) living anywhere from bushes to YMCAs to halfway houses, he wrote his rhymes on cardboard and stolen paper sweet bags for three years (probably why he does not write anything down to this day). No-Change was a very fitting choice of artist name - doing nothing and dabbling in all sorts of low-level criminality, he decided to move to Leeds to pursue a rap career....

Leeds studios and producers started to jump on his talent - jobless, he stayed on floors and was given free studio time wherever he went - coz he was the best! Fathering a baby boy and surviving a rocky relationship (which culminated in No-Changes stabbing in 2008) provided the fuel, inspiration and sincerity for the fire and depth of his music.

Fast forward to 2010, No Change - the street poet is here.... older, wiser, and backed by the infamous crackhouse recordings, he now has a formidable back catalogue of 200+ studio quality songs made with some of the top producers and MCs in the North of England. Known locally as the gentleman rapper and collaborating with the likes of Defenders of Style, Danny Pig, Alphabetix, Instance and Mike D, gigging with major names such as Masta Ace, Skinnyman, and Blackalicious he is now an well respected and established name amongst Leeds' finest.

Welcome to the land of the lost, the debut LP from No-Change.

Click the link below to download the full album.


Charlie Sloth - The Black Book

This next one is from an emcee who has recently gathered a huge buzz in the UK scene from his hit single "Not Like You" featuring UK stalwart and legendary Taskforce member Farma G, and also Black The Ripper.

He releases his first full album through his own website and the LP features pretty much a who's who of the UK scene, with appearances from Million Dan, Skinnyman, Rodney P, Stylah, Genesis Elijah, Wretch 32, Ramson Badbones, Mystro, Scor-Zay-Zee and many more.

That shouldnt distract you from the artist himself though because quite frankly, this album bangs harder than Mandingo in a porn flick. Check out his website for a background on the man to get familiar, but before you do that download the album and enjoy what I think might be one of the landmark releases of 2010.


And here's the video for the single "Not Like You"

Premier Vision

I joined recently (the legendary DJ Scratch's radio site with built in facebook and myspace capability) and couldnt resist posting this online DJ set introduced by Scratch himself and then performed by the one and only DJ Premier of Gang Starr and Year Round Records. Great to see hip-hop's greatest producer getting down live on the one and twos so sit back, make a big cup of tea, take your shoes, make some nibbles and watch a legend do his thing. Don't hesitate to join Scratch's website for more of these great performances from legendary Deejays like Premo, Scratch and many more.


Just a quick drop for new UK emcee Skandal who is tipped to be a name you'll get familiar with in 2010. He has been getting play on 1Xtra recently for his track "Kill Em With The Flow". To top that, he's got UK frontrunner Klashnekoff and P-Money to jump on the remix and it sounds heavier than Vanessa Feltz on the trampoline.

Here's the radio rip of the remix AND the original with his freestyle of Young Money's "Bedrock" beat (you know, Young Money, that group with the midget tattoo artist, and the black barbie doll who raps like she's experiencing a stroke). Enjoy the new material....

Just so you know, the single is released 29th March on iTunes as part of the 'Quick Snack EP' along with the remix and some other tracks. Follow Skandal on twitter at . Oh and also don't forget to follow Northern Author (yours truly) on that twitter malarkey @ - I'm new to the twitter game but I'm enjoying it and every time I post on the blog I'll leave updates on twitter along with my usual chitter-chatter, bullshit and bile.

Can You Do The Fandango?

Following on from an earlier post that had a taster of the EP, here's the free download of's new release "Bohemian Rap CD".

The EP has six tracks, all produced by Domer, and all sampled from one song: Queen's classic rock opera track "Bohemian Rhapsody". Using such concentrated sample material Domer has extracted some absolute bangers for the emcees to flow over.

Jake Lefco, illspokinn, Ryan-O'Neil, Kats, and Domer all appear on each of the six tracks, and the emcees create a thoroughly enjoyable album which in my opinion arguably eclipses anything else they have ever done.

Also, check out the site regularly as they release a free album every month and their artists have so far kept up a very good quality control. There are about 10-15 albums already up there for free download so if you enjoy this one by all means go back and pick up hours of great music.

FreeIceCream - Bohemian Rap CD EP (2010)

1. Intro
2. Little High/Little Low
3. Leave You All Behind
4. So You Think You Can Spit
5. Mama Mia
6. Little Man

First Rate Rap

Back on my grizzly like the bearman (he's now dead....killed by a maybe its not such a good idea). Back to the downloads and here we have a tasty album from producer and DJ First Rate from back in 2005.

The ex-Scratch Pervert got together some great emcees from the UK and the US to rhyme over some quality beats for his debut LP "Walky Talkyz". Released on Scenario Records, it got a buzz initially from the first track with Skinnyman "Barfight", which details Skinny's typical night in his local boozer (which I think we can all imagine would be quite interesting).

The buzz didnt stop there with tracks from UK legend Blade, Phi-Life Cypher and beatbox extraordinaire Killa Kela all getting in on the action. He also got Mr J. Medieros' group The Procussions on a song called 'Freedom' which enjoyed a bit of success on the undergound scene for them.

A thoroughly solid album from the battle DJ for his first foray into the producer album market and just another string to add to his bow of already extensive accolades from the deejay and turntablist circuit.

DJ First Rate - Walky Talkyz (2005)

1 Intro (feat. MC Wrec)
2 Barfight (feat. Skinnyman)
3 Bang On (feat. Red Eye)
4 One Day (feat. John McUlan)
5 Freedom (feat. The Procussions)
6 The Practice(feat. Sponge Crew)
7 Skit 1: Gidieon Style
8 The Cutz
9 Hamburger (feat. MC Blade)
10 Istanbul
11 Loop De Loop
12 New Rulesz (feat. Phil Life Cypher)
13 Skit 2
14 Something In The Way You Make Me Feel (feat. Killa Kela)
15 Walk The Walk (feat. Numbskullsz)
16 I Wander (feat. Project Redemption)
17 Untitled

Monday, 1 March 2010

SpineTV : Live TV: Fun House

SpineTV : Live TV: Fun House

Been going for a while but I've just been hipped to it tonight on Twitter and its cool as fizzuck. Monday to Thursday after 9pm til 12midnight SpineTV are broadcasting live uk turntablists and deejays from the hip hop kitchen.

Tonight we've got DJ MK & Harry Love, with Mr Thing, DJ Yoda and many more dropping by. In view of recent events concerning Guru's heart attack (hope he gets better) theyre dropping classic Gang Starr right now and it sounds cooler than a polar bear's toenails (word to Big Boi).