Friday, 26 February 2010

Sway - The Delivery Mixtape

Just a quick note to say Sway's new promised on yesterday's post, is now up and available for free download at - all you need to do is click on the links provided and it'll take you there.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Upping The Speed

Sway is back and means business with a new mixtape and here is your first chance to hear the first track from it. Also included below is the exclusive freestyle from 1Xtra if you were listening over 'Hard', which definitely hints at a more focused Dasafo for the future. I'm expecting big things from Sway in 2010. Here's the press nonsense to fill you in on the details:

New track from Sway called 'The Final Delivery' which is from his highly anticipated mixtape, 'The Delivery':

'The Delivery' will be released on Friday at 12pm on
The mixtape features Akon, Styles P, Giggs, Mr Hudson, Kardinal Offishall and many more!!

Back to the post, so make sure youre in there TOMORROW at midday to get the mixtape from the man DCypher himself and enjoy the sound of things to come. As a brucey bonus here's the "Hard (freestyle)" audio from 1Xtra.

Band website hosting

Above is just a selection of tracks from the brilliant music site, who are promoting an EP featuring five US emcees rapping over 6 tracks sampled exclusively from different portions of the Queen classic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and they plan to release the EP shortly under the name 'Bohemian Rap CD' (see what they did there).

I love the two tracks theyve got up there (first two on the selection) and one or two of the ones below from various other releases are superb. Get listening and check out all the other releases theyve got for free download on the website (yes! its all free you skinflints!).

The widget is also a bellend by the way and keeps changing to some other music so here's the link to the real one that doesnt keep changing every second.

Friday, 19 February 2010

No Compromise

I finally managed to purchase my copy of the Orphans Of Cush album 'White Noize' which came out late 2009 today and gave it a full listen. I have to say...its already the best album I've heard so far in 2010.

The Orphans are essentially a supergroup of emcee extraordinaires, with Kyza, Cyrus Malachi, M9 and Masikah all killing it from start to finish with vere after verse of deep, dark lyrics over brooding beats.

This sort of LP is what puts my faith back into not only the UK scene but hip-hop as a whole. Its been a while since we've had a group come out on that Wu-Tang type of album that I mean not the Wu sound but the way the Wu just packed every single song with verse after verse of intelligent, thought-provoking and entertaining material over great beats. Not even the Wu themselves does that these days but the Orphans Of Cush show a consistency and quality control second to none here.

Song after song after song just hits you with more and more "realness", for want of a better word, and the beats are perfectly matched to them, leading with piano spills and low basslines and melancholy key changes. Producer Chemo is credited as the Executive Producer of the album but nowhere does it state who produces each beat on the album (although one or two are clear beatjacks or big samples). I can only assume Chemo handles a lot of it on the boards and he does a sterling job aswell.

The great thing about this LP is not one of the four emcees outshines or overshadows another. In fact every emcee blends so well its honestly like a Voltron situation where their minds have met as one. Cliche, yes I know. Cheesy, yep I know. Another small reference to Wu-Tang (Meth famously said they form like Voltron), yep right again. But its totally correct.

Staying true to this blog's ethos of not taking away from the artists I have always only ever uploaded either free albums, mixtapes or old albums in an effort to familiarise fans with the artists and get them back into the record shops so I won't upload the album.

Instead, I'll slap a 9 out of 10 on it here and plead with you all to get it bought. Here's a link to where you can do so:

..And if you need any more convincing, here's a couple of the songs and videos and extra titbits from the group.

Chemo's remix of the title track. HEAVY.

A nice impromptu live performance of Novocaine by Cyrus Malachi & Kyza

A nice interview with three quarters of the group just explaining the reasons they hooked up and the group's reason for being

And finally just as a treat here's one of the tracks from the album...'Pop Tarts', over a classic Pharoahe Monch beat ("God Send" I think).

Monday, 15 February 2010


Where has Fallacy been?!

Its a question a lot of UK hip-hop fans have asked for a while as his name has been missed in the UK rap game for quite a while. Sure, he's popped up on one or two compilations and one or two guest spots every now and then in the last few years but by and large he never fully capitalised on the success and critical acclaim he recieved not only from the rap press but the major press aswell for "Blackmarket Boy".

We have that classic album here for you today just to remind you of the man's legacy before he supposedly retires later on this year. The news of his retirement from the game came along with the news of his new EP "Gracefull In Death: The Final Chapter", which came out on on January 10th. First step, go and pick that up.

Right, back we are to the history of his magnum opus. Off the strength of one absolutely MASSIVE single with producer Fusion called 'The Groundbreaker', Fallacy was quickly thrust into the limelight during one of UK's better eras in the early 2000s. He became a go to guy, popping up on a lot of other emcees' work and dropping some hellish verses. Fallacy's turn of phrase, flow and voice left him in utter command of his audience and listener and made some of the best moments in those years his.

Following his single with Fusion, he broke out with another single, this time billed as a solo affair (even though both singles feature on the LP). "Big N Bashy" with Tubby T was in constant rotation not only on urban radio but on MTV, Radio 1 and most commercial radio. The song itself is a dub-influence club banger with punchline after punchline knocking you back into your seat.

After the singles both came out to big hype, the album followed shortly after in May 2003 and recieved warm reviews allround. I recently sifted through my record collection and found it a week or so back and put it on for a bit of nostalgia and it hasnt aged one bit. 7 years down the line its as fresh as an egg warm from a chicken's arse.

The lyrics are tight, the beats are spot on, and the collabos with Fusion, Tubby T, Roni Size, Shy FX & T Power, Rishi Rich and Rodney P are all well worth hearing. Get your fix and get that new Ep. It might be the last material you hear from the Blackmarket Boy.

Fallacy - Blackmarket Boy (2003)

1. Blackmarket Boy
2. DJ Skully DMC World Champion (Skit)
3. The Groundbreaker (radio edit)
4. Big N Bashy (featuring Tubby T)
5. Rogue Trader
6. Rap Folly (featuring Rodney P)
7. Car Chat (Skit)
8. Square Beamer
9. Stopclock
10. Proverbs 3110 (Skit)
11. Ooh
12. Scrunch
13. Stripey Shoes (Skit)
14. John Wayne Swagger
15. Old and Grey
16. Monstrous (featuring Elizabeth Troy)
17. Stay Blessed
18. The Groundbreaker (Shy FX and T Power remix)

And here's the direct link to the bandcamp site where his new EP can be got at for just £3. Can't scoff at that.

The Nosebleed Section

A quick update dropping some new UK flavours of a different kind today. Danny Diamond has a new EP called "303's and Nosebleeds" finished and ready to go and here we have it to download for you. The sound is spaced out and digital and despite Diamond being more of a singer than an emcee its definitely grounded within some hip-hop sensibilities and landscapes judging by the overall feel to the music.

With some collaborations from Manny Moscow and Capitol 1212 the 15minute mix of tracks mesh seamlessly from one to the other to offer a promising start for the UK artist.

He will be appearing on Radio 1 Scotland on the 24th Feb with Capitol 1212 and has a myspace page with links to new and different tracks so get familiar (word to Clinton Sparks) with this new artist.

On a personal note I'm definitely feeling the track "4 Years To The Day". Great futuristic sound throughout and a nice chilled feel to it. All in all a very promising EP from an up-and-coming artist.

Danny Diamond - 303's & Nosebleeds (2010)

Intro (prod. Casper B)
4 Years To The Day (prod. Casper B / Additional & Vocal Production. B Rhodes)
Double On The Rocks(Feat. Manny Moscow)
Bad Transmission(Prod. Casper B)
Leave A Light On(Capitol 1212 & Grubby Garner)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ty Is Back!!!!!

Just a quick post and video promoting Ty's new BBE album brand new EPK from the official website. Watch the vid and you'll get a Ty interview, some snippets of new tracks and what you should look forward to in his new LP 'A Special Kind Of Fool'...due for release in stores April 2010!!!!!

Ty's new album is his first since the 2006 modern classic 'Closer' and I quietly expect it to be one of the best albums of 2010 so keep your mouth shut and your eyes open (word to Denzel) and check for it when it comes out.

Classic Was The Day

Funky DL has always been overlooked in the UK rap scene since he released his debut back in 1997. Since he's constructed over a decade's worth of brilliant material yet never gets mentioned when people talk about UK's finest. The reason for this idiotic sentiment boils down to one thing. Rap accent.

Born and raised in our very own capital, the Hackney, London-emcee has taken a lot of stick throughout his career as to why he raps in a faux-american accent. His answer? "Its just my style". Get past the initial oddity of the accent and you find that DL has probably created some of the greatest albums in UK hip-hop history. His production alone is world-class - evoking the jazzy stylings of A Tribe Called Quest, Jay Dee and early Slum Village, and The Ummah.

You can even hear the vocal and horn samples from some of that classic material hidden deep within his tracks. We're not talking about some knock-off version here either, Funky DL has been creating these stellars beats his whole career and its almost unfathomable that he doesnt hold his place in UK hip-hop history right now. And all just because some stubborn bastards don't like the accent he raps in.

Near the beginning of his career he won a MOBO award for his hip-hop contribution (back when MOBO awards were actually relevant and trash like N-Dubz didn't take the plaudits) and has continued in the same vein ever since. Strangely enough, DL recieved massive support and still to this day holds a large fanbase in Japan where he achieved most of his success.

Here is two of DL's best albums, 1998's Heartfelt Integrity and 2002's Blackcurrent Jazz. Over the two albums there are some classic songs and sounds. Take a journey from the horns on the sublime 'Tangible' to the almost 'Lords Of The Underground'-era Marley Marl sounding 'Fromage Frais', and then onto the fanfare of 'Prediction' and the undoubted Jay Dee-esque sound on 1998's 'The Positive' (may I add back before Jay Dee was considered one of the best - if anything Funky DL helped create the sound rather than be influenced by it). Take in two albums by one of the most overlooked emcees and producers in the history of british urban music.

Funky DL - Heartfelt Integrity (1998)

01. Main Features
02. Rock To The Beat
03. Consist & JQ
04. 2nd Flow
05. Snares featuring ESP The Overseer
06. Fromage Frais
07. Billie Holiday
08. Buttermilk & Sex Appeal
09. Where Am I? / Who Are You?
10. They Don’t Know featuring M&EM
11. Missing Link
12. I Thank God
13. The Positive
14. Me & My Rhymes

Funky DL - Blackcurrent Jazz (2002)

01. Talk About
02. 2Long
03. & Ask For DL
04. Confused?
05. Hit Me
06. Roll The Dice
07. Tangible
08. Prediction
09. Wonderful featuring Guile
10. What You Saying Girl?
11. Simply 2 Complicated
12. High Endurance
13. Keeping It Classic
14. The Music featuring Sienna
15. Turntables Hate Me
16. It Still Rocks
17. 2Long Remix

Check out Funky DL's website also which actually has a FREE mixtape download of Funky DL and DJ 279's J.Dilla tribute from last year. Basically it features DL rhyming over classic Dilla beats with some mixing in for good measure. Check it out and also check out his discog, support the artist and buy his albums!

This is the tracklisting for the Dilla tribute mixtape and the link to the d/l page. It gives you the option to either download it as a one track full mix or the individual tracks. Just right click and save.

01 Intro - Dedication To Dilla
02 CM - Mixtape Mix
03 Me and You and Him- Mixtape Mix
04 Rock To Her Beat Beat 2000 - Mixtape Mix
05 About The Things - Mixtape Mix
06 So Sexy - Mixtape Mix
07 The Saturday Night Love Affair - Mixtape Mix
08 Confidential Information - Mixtape Mix
09 Moonlight Girl - Mixtape Mix
10 Queen of Diamonds - Mixtape Mix

And finally here's some videos from the guy just to give you the full lowdown on him. First is a callabo he did with the legendary Nujabes production crew from Japan (showing you the Japan links again) and second is the single from his most recent album. Enjoy and support.

From The Land Of Smog

Passed to me by fellow hip-hop fan Ronathon, here is an exclusive download for the UK hip-hop heads from Teesside emcee BLUNT.

I've always written rhymes myself but with my unapologetic north-east accent never really got anything recorded as I never thought it would ever translate into success. However, this silly notion has been blown out of the water by fellow north-east success stories such as Stig Of The Dump for example. BLUNT is another from the area below Hadrian's Wall to put his pen to paper and drop a great LP.

Having no history on the man, I was going into the listening process blind, but was pleasantly surprised with the flow and the beat selection. As soon as I started 'Lyrical Venting' and I heard 9th Wonder's 'Dollarz Circulate' beat from his J.U.S.T.U.S. League beat tapes from back in the day I knew it was going to be a good experience.

Kick back, light one up and enjoy.

BLUNT - Allow Me To Be....BLUNT! (2010)

1. Lyrical Venting
2. An Ode To Skunk
3. Bitches
4. C.H.A.V.S.
5. Lyrical Venting Part II
6. Recurring Dreams
7. Underground King (Freeverse)
8. Bitches Part II (Sloppy Seconds)
9. Deeper Underground
10. Mic Check

For more, check out his Myspace Page:

Shut Da Lights Off!

Just a little smidgin to tide you over till the next few posts (we've got some great downloads coming up soon by the way). A small shoutout to the UK drum & bass and Dubstep scenes that are currently doing it big these days (especially dubstep). Here's DnB legend Adam F's most recent hip-hop foray in the same vain as his 'Anti-Acoustic Warfare' material.

He and Horx have roped in Redman for a re-working of the 'Smash Sumthin' track from years ago. Essentially its an entire new song with a completely different beat and hook with modified verses. Any excuse to put Redman up really, with him being one of my personal favourite emcees, especially when it involves a UK hip-hop link so its relevant to the site.

Check out the Adam F remix for some drum 'n' bass styling and the Caspa dub mix for some dubstep. Both are excellent.

Adam F & Horx (feat. Redman) - Shut The Lights Off EP

1. Shut The Lights Off (Radio Edit)
2. Shut The Lights Off (In Da Club Edit)
3. Shut The Lights Off (Adam F & Sigma DnB Remix)
4. Shut The Lights Off (Caspa & TrollySnatcher Dubstep Mix)

And here's the official video: