Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Last Music From The Corner?

Taskforce's Farma G released via bandcamp a track he'd recorded with Chester P back in September 2009 a few days ago, and its the last thing they've recorded together under the Taskforce name.

The track is superb, staying true to the gritty reality beats and rhymes that has made them so revered in the UK hip-hop scene. It would be very sad to see these two UK stalwarts stop making music together entirely, as some of the best moments of the scene since they joined it over 10 years ago have came from them.

One upside to this is, the bandcamp track does come with a short paragraph below stating that one last Taskforce album "Music From The Corner Vol. 5" is still due for release later this year. That gives us something to look forward to still from these two UK legends. Until then, allow "The Final Countdown" to whet your appetite, and continue playing everything from "The Butterfly Concerto" to "Grafdafuckup".