Thursday, 20 March 2008

The Day Today

You get to a certain point in your life when you need to find a career, you need to find your path, you need to find your calling. And you just stall. I've currently been at that stage for what seems like an eternity, and it won't be ending any time soon. I've been getting more and more sparing with my time dedicated to this site, and this is something that puzzles me, considering the fact that I am literally doing bot all with my life at this present time. So the next few weeks I will try to put that right.

This post is basically an update of what makes a rubbish blogger tick, and another excuse as to why I haven't quenched your undeniable thirst for music.

News on the UK music front: Braintax has graced us with what has been billed (may I say, in a very subtle way) as his last album. 'My Last & Best Album' is out in stores right now, and this is a message simply to endorse an artist that has constantly been one of the leading lights in the UK hip-hop scene since he came onto the scene in the early 90s.

Unfortunately, by route of the great Leeds Hip Hop Scene website (scan the side links and you'll find it) I've found it that the album may not live up to its billing. To be fair, I'm not THAT surprised because his last album 'Panorama' was a bit overhyped and overrated for my liking, and he's not done much since that to change things in terms of recent form. However, he's produced countless classics for many other artists and himself, and 'Biro Funk' is a personal favourite of mine. So, I hope when I do inevitably shell out more cash on the legend that is Braintax, that the album is a good one.

To celebrate the release of this new album, here is one of his first ever releases, 'FatHead', which came out in 1992 on EP and features a canny few nice cuts on it.

Braintax -Fathead EP

1. Chips On My Shoulder

2. Wonder If I Know Ya

3. Confessions

4. Firm Feet

5. Talk About The Future

6. Rhymin' Skills

7. To My Peers

Here's a request from a man, can't remember which one, but it was, indeed, a man. And he has in turn requested a man, namely, PITMAN. You've got many classics like the 'Twat Farm', the Pete Waterman influenced 'Pitman & Her', and I've chucked in 'It Takes Tea' and 'Pitman Sez' as Brucey Bonuses. Don't call him a hunchback...he's been digging for years...

Pitman - It Takes A Nation Full Of Tossers

1. Countdown To Pitworld

2. What I Am

3. Waiting

4. When Miners Attack

5. Witness The Pitness

6. Words

7. Sugar In Your Peas

8. Pitman & Her

9. Twat Farm Revisited

10. Mr Piterful

11. Soot FM

12. Mam Sed

13. Food Interlood

14. Whats The Point

15. Two Twats

16. It Takes Tea (Bonus Track)

17. Pitman Sez (Bonus Track)


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9@home said...

Actually, I quite like Brains's latest album. Yes, it is a lot of the similar themes and so on, but the beats really grew on me, and on tracks like "the beast is us" you can't help but big up a guy who's never afraid to get personal or political while riding a dope soundscape by C-Swing.
I'd rate this equal or slightly below Biro Funk. Panorama is a bit further down on my list.

Glasweg1an said...

Well.... I would consider myself a fan of Joey Brains. Tonight I downloaded this album from your and to be completely honest, I wasn`t thath impressed on first listen.

I personally find Panorama better than Biro Funk (although Biro Funk was the SHEEZ ;-) ) but this doesnt appear to come close to either.

Maybe its a grower, it will get at least a few more listens just because its who it is.. You get me ??

I`d also like to add that I will be purchasing this album on CD in the next day or two (tweo copies infact one for me and one for the kid Eastborn [ you might know that name ;-) ] whether its a grower or not !!


Brian. ((new today lots to come))

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