Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Northern Author Mixtapes Vol. I

No real direction to this post here, but I thought I'd take an opportunity to upload some old old compilations I used to make for myself and friends.

Most of these are ones I made for myself back in the heady days of the Sony Discman. Creating 80minute long comps of classic old and new hip-hop to listen to on the bus trips into school, university and work.

Here's the first of many that I'll upload for everyone, some compilations have a few questionable choices in there to be honest but hey, these are what I listened to back in the day so fuck it.

Here's the first one, more to follow....

Volume 1

1. A Tribe Called Quest - If The Papes Come
2. Casual - Gas Ignited
3. Casual - The Best At It
4. Dangermouse & Murs - To A Black Boy
5. Extra Prolific - You A Fool
6. Jay-Z - I Can't Get With That
7. Jemini The Gifted One - Brooklyn Kids
8. MF Grimm - Emotions (feat. B-One)
9. MF Grimm - Scars & Memories
10. MF Grimm - Take Em To War
11. M.O.P. - G Building (RjD2 Remix)
12. Nas - One Love (Large Professor Remix)
13. OC & Organized Konfusion - War Games
14. Peanut Butter Wolf & Lootpack - Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats/Rhyme Constructor
15. Pete Rock & CL SMooth - TROY (Remix)
16. Slick Rick - Sitting In My Car
17. Soul Unit (feat. Pharcyde) - In A Few Words
18. Swollen Members - Temptation
19. Tajai of Souls Of Mischief - Dum Dum
20. Tragedy Khadafi (feat. Havoc) - Da Funk Mode (Large Professor Remix)


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