Sunday, 9 May 2010

They Had Next?

So, a small step back in time today. September 2004. 5 and a half years ago roughly. UK hip-hop magazine HHC released a compilation in conjunction with Radio 1Xtra and one of their biggest DJs at the time DJ Excalibah featuring the names of many emcees and artists coming up, ready to bubble over and erupt on the UK rap scene.

I have to say, most of them really did, and this CD represents some of the earlier work of all artists at the time on their way to success. To be honest, quite a few of them were already established as names to watch out for, as by the time this was released Klashnekoff had already made waves with Daggo Mentality, Foreign Beggars had already released their breakthrough SMASH with Skinnyman "Hold On" and a few other names on there were featured with more experienced heads like Konny Kon and Lewis Parker.

A certain Sway Dasafo features on here before he dropped the surname along with at the time a new producer called The Last Skeptik, who of course has gone on to bigger and better things also. The cd also features a song which has since become a bit of a UK classic in "For The Haters" by Dirty Diggers.

Enjoy the selection and check out where all of these artists are now, many of them achieving at the very least national fame with their material.

1Xtra BBC & DJ Excalibah Present "We Got Next" (HHC Sep2004)

1. Intro
2. Micall Parknsun - Tha Shit
3. Beats In Progress (feat. Kashmere & DPF) - Space Cadets
4. Stylee Cee (feat. Skorzayzee) - Want Whats Yours5. J.T.W.R. - Get Over It
6. The Last Skeptik (feat. Sway Dasafo) - Prior To The Present
7. Verb T (feat. Red) - Ravenous
8. Cappo & Konny Kon - Capkon Entertainment
9. Yungun & Lewis Parker - The Big Idea
10. Klashnekoff - Black Rose
11. Caramac (feat. Low Key) - Happy Ending
12. Dirty Diggers - For The Haters
13. Foreign Beggars - Frosted Perspeks

Another HHC release featuring young and upcoming UK artists on the scene followed in 2005, with the cd entitled 1Xtra Homegrown Cuts 2005. Amongst others this compilation featured Humurak D Gritty, Phoenix Black and Shade One.

The artists on show have been a bit less noticeable as those in the DJ Excalibah mixed release, but the cd itself is nonetheless entertaining throughout and adept at showcasing some lesser known names, in turn aiding them to get their deserved shine. Enjoy.

1Xtra Homegrown Cuts 2005 (HHC)

1. ShadeOne - Let Them Know
2. Mr Sin - All Tha Way
3. Tor - Strivin'
4. U1 Goldsmiths - Maintainin'
5. Blaktrix (feat. Humurak D Gritty) - Indian Rope Trick
6. Jeye Severe - Song Of Solomon
7. Phoenix Black - Hip Hop & Proud
8. Tawiah - Superhuman
9. L-Marie - Sunshine
10. Lyrican - Lyrican
11. Motley - Oh Snap!
12. Kamikaze Boyz - Rollin'
13. YT - Wicked Act

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