Monday, 4 April 2011

Hackenbush Is Back

Chester P, one half of UK behemoths Taskforce, has released his new album "New Mic Order Part 2" via his bandcamp website. Its a real return to form (or rather, a return to the music scene, as he was never really "out of form" in the first place) and its very welcome in a UK rap scene that currently stands in a transitional period.

The veterans of the scene are slowly but surely dropping off and retiring one by one, and thus far, there have been very few artists or collectives coming through that can receive the baton and develop the scene further. Chester P has shown with this release, an album I've listened to for the past few hours and enjoyed thoroughly, that he's not ready to pass the torch. Especially not to those who aren't worthy.

The album is called "New Mic Order Pt.2", yet this isn't a New Mic Order at all. Its a return to the roots of Taskforce and UK rap. Its grit and grind sprinkled with inner-city verve and wordplay. Its a highly experienced british emcee (who should get a lot more plaudits and respect than he does) showing the new jacks how its done, and why its important that the UK rap sound stays entirely separate and individual to that of its parent US scene. Its an old mic order that continues to work... and I appreciate that.

The album is a meagre fiver, and for that you get one of the most solid UK rap albums so far this year, so preview the songs below, then head over to the site and get it bought.

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