Monday, 29 October 2007


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Easily the most underrated producers in the land, The P Brothers have released four instalments of their incredible vinyl series ‘The Heavy Bronx Experience’, each one being a testament to true hip-hop, and that the UK are keeping the genre alive as good as anyone else - maybe even more so.

The old school sensibilities are rife within the tunes - booming bass, beats that can easily blow speakers given the chance, and guest rappers that have only one focus - bludgeoning the track lyrically. P Brothers have aligned themelves with some of the best Nottingham talent - Scor-Zay-Zee, Cappo, Mr 45, Lee Ramsay, aswell as some legendary US rappers that have stood up and took notice to their sound, namely Sadat X, and a handful of other New York-based rappers such as Milano & Gang Starr-affiliate Smiley Da Ghetto Child.

Their sound is their ace in the hole - it can’t be ignored or shrugged off as poorly made or set in its ways, because to do so you would be insulting the very essence of hip-hop. Paul S & Ivory have recreated the sound of ‘88, and backed it up with a British sensibility to prove it to be more than just a US knock-off.

Here is their ‘Best Of’ compilation, an album taking the best tracks from the Heavy Bronx Experience series and putting them all on one CD for new ears. I hope you all enjoy this album as much as I do, and support their live show, along with buying their vinyl series up quick sharp.

This is the Heavy Bronx Experience!!!!

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P Brothers - Live Hardcore Worldwide Part. II (The Best of The Heavy Bronx Experience)

1. Live Intro
2. The Illest (feat. Cappo)
3. 45 & Cappo Live From The Boat Club
4. 3 Kings (feat. Scor-Zay-Zee, Cappo & Mr 45)
5. Nottingham BX (feat. Cappo)
6. Come On Down (feat. Sadat X, Eddie Cheeba & GS)
7. Showstopper (feat. Mr 45)
8. Scor-Zay-Zee & Lee Ramsay Live From The Boat Club
9. Make It Better (feat. Cappo)
10. Incomparable (feat. Cappo)
11. Rock The House (feat. Lee Ramsay & Donald D)
12. Showstopper Part II - 45 Rocks The House (feat. Mr 45)
13. 4 Kings Live (feat. Scor-Zay-Zee, Lee Ramsay, Cappo & Mr 45)
14. Great Britain (feat. Scor-Zay-Zee)
15. Kill - Make My Songs... (feat. Cappo)
16. Outro

For more info on The P Brothers and their music visit or !!!

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Perfecta said...

Dope stuff SNIPER, i'm biased (from Notts) but these cats are solid gold...true hip hop as it should be!


and do you by anychance have any Mr 45 's Radford or Diamonds tracks, i had them on vinyl (given to me by Trevor Rose) but had to sell my entire colection, and these are rarer than chickens