Monday, 28 January 2008

Brum Rap

Fulfilling a request here while i get the rest of this here blog back on track, it’s ‘The Power & The Glory’ by Moorish Delta 7. MD7, hailing from Birmingham, and yes, on the skits you can here that Brummie twang in short bursts, they have been in the UK hip-hop scene for years.

This album is probably their most well known and well-received, and features some great singles they released such as ‘Extreme Speeds’, ‘Hot’, and the Baby J-produced songs ‘Don’t You Leave Me Lonely’ and ‘Silent Screams’.

The album was a pleasant surprise for me when I bought it because I wasn’t expecting much from a bunch of Brummie emcees, but rappers Jamar & Malik hold down the lyrics well, with Cipher JEWELS doing some great work behind the boards.

This album had more than a few songs I was very impressed with, not to mention ‘Rowdy’, which I thought would be absolute garbage due to the fact that it features JD aka Dready aka That-Annoying-Reggae-Guy-From-The-So-Solid-Crew, but it’s a very good song and its not the only one of its kind. A few other tracks benefit from good guest appearances from artists such as Yogi, Venom & Rodney P, not to mention Robert Lee (unfortunately its some singer and not the legendary Newcastle United midfield stalwart from the mid 90s). All in all a very solid album. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Power
3. Hot
4. Don’t Leave Me Lonely
5. Time
6. Dusk Till Dawn (featuring MJ)
7. Talk Time part one
8. Talk Time part two
9. Death Or Dishonour
10. Paper Cuts (featuring Yogi)
11. The Art Of Survival
12. Silent Screams
13. Too Late
14. Intermission
15. Rollin On (featuring Adante, Tre Styles & MJ)
16. Night-Time Chimes (featuring Robert Lee)
17. Rowdy (featuring Dready)
18. Extreme Speeds (featuring Adante)
19. Where We From (featuring Rodney P & Venom)
20. Wisdom
21. Glory

As a Brucey Bonus, on the subject of Baby J, over at the man himself has uploaded a new mixtape called FTP2: The Refix, which features new versions of the tracks from his second album and some mash-ups between UK & US rappers. Here’s the best part….it’s up for free download!
So go and get that.


Also, a few prominent bloggers from this here community that we so adore are putting together a new project called 'I Hook A Beat Up'. The site's premise is that a song is provided on the site and producers are invited to flip the song and make it their own, with the entrant's products voted for and against by a panel of judges. The Judges will include Travis from my personal favourite blog Wake Your Daughter Up, Eric from When They Reminisce, Max from the always interesting Hip Hop Isn't Dead, Mike Dikk from Dumpin.Net, Andrew from Strictly Beats and a guy I'm not familiar with called King E, from the Justus League message boards.

The site and competitions will be opened on Sunday, February 3rd and it should be very interesting for us fellow bloggers to see what happens with it. If you think you can create a good beat, get yourself down to and show your metal.


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The Monkeyman said...

Moorish delta 7 are (were?) quality but they kind off dropped off the map. Thanks for the album link, I wanted to have silent screams and don't leave me lonely on my computer for ages.