Sunday, 18 May 2008

Prose - Wasted Talent EP

steady rock prose

I get a couple of e-mails a week from various artists and such asking for their material to be posted on my blog and I have a tried and tested method of actually listening to them and giving them a personal thumbs up before I go ahead and post them up. Mostly, I'm never impressed, but this last one really caught me.

One of the main reasons it caught me is because I have actually heard some material by them even before they sent me this, and what I heard I really liked. So when they sent me their new 'Wasted Talent EP' I jumped at the chance to post it up.

Prose are a UK duo from London & Leeds respectively, made up of beatmaker Steady Rock and emcee Efeks. They've been on the circuit for a while now putting in work and both of their original EPs 'Wasted Talent' and 'Running Man' sold out a long while ago. Luckily, to coincide with the release of their new mixtape of sorts 'The Boom Bap Project Vol. I', they've made their 'Wasted Talent' EP readily available for free download on their myspace pages.

The Boom Bap Project Vol. I is a culmination of their previous efforts, taking cuts from both EPs and running them alongside some new tracks to keep their audience happy, and all of it is mixed and blended by DMC Champ DJ Matman.

We have their first EP here for you now.

prose wasted talent
Prose - Wasted Talent EP

1. One People
2. No Concern
3. Originate
4. Wasted Talent
5. Wasted Talent (Instrumental)

Go to or to download this EP directly from them (same link anyway), and check out the other downloads they have on there. They have the instrumental version of it up for free D/L along with the 'Originate' single.

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Anonymous said...

Safe man you've got a great blog. Love the stuff you put up, I had to go out and buy everything Ty's done. But you need to put up a little bit of Klashnekoff for everyone, man. Both his albums, the mixtape and the Terra Firma mixtape, all four are quality, you should put up a collection of his stuff.