Thursday, 19 August 2010

UK Mixed Bag Vol. 2

After a few days that you've been given to digest, listen, learn and fully appreciate the first installment of the UK Mixed Bag series, here we are back to hitchuwitdat (word to Lootpack) second one.

All the names are here, from Blak Twang & Rodney P, all the way back to Gunshot, London Posse & the Krispy 3. One or two well-known tracks, one or two rarities. All just to keep you on your toes, keep you listening to the best UK Hip Hop, and keep you from migrating to the land of the shite which unfortunately UK urban music is sliding into more and more of late. Here's that real material. Nod your head and download.

UK Mixed Bag Vol. 2 (2010)

1. Blak Twang (feat. Rodney P & Lisa I'Anson) - Dirty Stopout Uncovered
2. Cel One - Watchyamindsay
3. Creators (feat. Blackstar) - The Hard Margin
4. Deckwrecka - Catch Wrecka
5. DJ Yess & Wotee - Man Made (feat. Genghis)
6. Dozeguys - Simple Things (The Young Guns Part I)
7. Fleapit (feat. Lil' Angry Man) - Scraps
8. Jimmy Screech - Jimmy Screech
9. Junior Disprol (feat. Alkaline, Jehst & Skeleton)
10. Kamanchi Sly - Hung Drawn Quartered
11. Krispy 3 - Come N Get It
12. London Posse - Jump Around (Censored Mix)
13. London Posse - Oversized Idiot
14. Encona Coarse - Rhyme Grenade
15. Gunshot, Tribal Clash & HuntKillBury Finn - Minus 10
16. Jimmy Screech - Attention
17. Blufoot (feat. Yungun) - Alphabet Man
18. Depth Charge - Sex, Sluts & Heaven (Bordello Mix)


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