Sunday, 15 August 2010

UK Mixed Bag Vol. 1

So here we are, the first instalment of four compilations I've created over the weekend from various vinyl 12"s in my collection. Initially I ripped a lot of them onto mp3 just for personal use but I had honestly forgotten about how great some of these tracks are.

Its called a mixed bag for a reason for starters, with a huge spectrum of artists spanning from the early 90s all the way up to possibly about 2005, and on this first volume we have some big names and some small names all together on the same 18-track album.

You've got the northern panache of Asaviour and Jehst, the legendary Blak Twang, the veteran sounds of MCD over a Deckwrecka track and Huntkillbury Finn lying amongst the newer names of Foreign Beggars...not to mention some classics in there from London Posse, Karl Hinds & DJ MK.

Its a joy to listen to some of these tracks after such a long time, and even this site has took a small hiatus from posting UK songs recently admittedly. Most of that is due to there being a dearth in UK underground rap that I personally find as inspiring as that which was released 5-10 years ago, but hopefully the frontrunners like Sway and Dizzee can inspire and usher in a new breed that are fit to take the torch and fire it up.

Until then, enjoy UK hip-hop at its finest...

UK Mixed Bag Vol. I (2010)

1. Blak Twang - Don't Test
2. Cel One (feat. Sniper) - Code Red
3. Dead Residents - Verbal Assassin
4. DJ MK (feat. Jehst, Kyza & Supa T) - It's All Live
5. Doc Brown (feat. Yungun & Harry Love) - Out There
6. Foreign Beggars (feat. Dubbledge) - Hot Plate
7. Huntkillbury Finn, Gunshot & Taskforce - Liar Liar
8. Jimmy Screech - Lets Get Moving
9. Jonzi D - Live At The Apricot Jam
10. Junior Disprol (feat. Alkaline, Jehst & Skeleton) - Junq Waffle
11. Karl Hinds (feat. Tempa) - You Piss Me Off
12. London's New Delegates Of Major Stars - Foldinem
13. London Posse - Money Mad
14. Deckwrecka (feat. MC D) - Priceless
15. Encona Coarse - Taste Of The Future
16. Asaviour (feat. Kyza & Yungun) - Money In The Bank (Remix)
17. Champions Of Nature (feat. Supa T, Apollo, Jehst, Profound, & Lewis Parker) - Finalisation
18. Dynamic Syncopation (feat. Def Tex) - Way Past Noon


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