Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Orion's Belt Shines

From one UK heavyweight to another, M9 has released a mixtape which rivals ANYTHING (yes, even the incredible Isis Papers Mixtape that his Kush cohort Cyrus Malachi released earlier in the year!) that has came from our shores this year, and thanks to Hypedog its here for your pleasure! The link itself is from M9's own website, and the mixtape is released to build hype and anticipation for his forthcoming solo LP, which is bound to be an absolute gem of an album.

Until that arrives, enjoy this journey into the dark side of hip-hop, with one of UK hip-hop's most potent lyrical duos trading verses on the regular...Cyrus in the passenger seat and Melanin 9 up front in the driver's seat. Strap your seatbelt in for the ride because they're going in cold.


01 Intro (produced by Munoz cuts by DJ Roast)
02 Light Years
03 Il Padrino
04 Mont Blanc (produced by Anatomy)
05 When Brothers Die (produced by Chemo)
06 Elijah
07 Spritual Scrolls
08 Black Box (Feat. Cyrus Malachi & Blasphemy cuts by Evil Ed)
09 Why (Feat. Cyrus Malachi)
10 Black Widow (Feat. Blasphemy & Cyrus Malachi)
11 Shot
12 Skit
13 Straight Live (Produced By Anatomy)
14 Tug The Rope (Jon Phonics Remix)
15 False Ego
16 Black Sapphire Pt2 (Feat. Cyrus Malachi produced by Munoz)
17 Voice Of A Child Torn (Feat. Triple Darkness produced by Beat Buthcha)
18 The Book (Bonus)

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