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Where has Fallacy been?!

Its a question a lot of UK hip-hop fans have asked for a while as his name has been missed in the UK rap game for quite a while. Sure, he's popped up on one or two compilations and one or two guest spots every now and then in the last few years but by and large he never fully capitalised on the success and critical acclaim he recieved not only from the rap press but the major press aswell for "Blackmarket Boy".

We have that classic album here for you today just to remind you of the man's legacy before he supposedly retires later on this year. The news of his retirement from the game came along with the news of his new EP "Gracefull In Death: The Final Chapter", which came out on on January 10th. First step, go and pick that up.

Right, back we are to the history of his magnum opus. Off the strength of one absolutely MASSIVE single with producer Fusion called 'The Groundbreaker', Fallacy was quickly thrust into the limelight during one of UK's better eras in the early 2000s. He became a go to guy, popping up on a lot of other emcees' work and dropping some hellish verses. Fallacy's turn of phrase, flow and voice left him in utter command of his audience and listener and made some of the best moments in those years his.

Following his single with Fusion, he broke out with another single, this time billed as a solo affair (even though both singles feature on the LP). "Big N Bashy" with Tubby T was in constant rotation not only on urban radio but on MTV, Radio 1 and most commercial radio. The song itself is a dub-influence club banger with punchline after punchline knocking you back into your seat.

After the singles both came out to big hype, the album followed shortly after in May 2003 and recieved warm reviews allround. I recently sifted through my record collection and found it a week or so back and put it on for a bit of nostalgia and it hasnt aged one bit. 7 years down the line its as fresh as an egg warm from a chicken's arse.

The lyrics are tight, the beats are spot on, and the collabos with Fusion, Tubby T, Roni Size, Shy FX & T Power, Rishi Rich and Rodney P are all well worth hearing. Get your fix and get that new Ep. It might be the last material you hear from the Blackmarket Boy.

Fallacy - Blackmarket Boy (2003)

1. Blackmarket Boy
2. DJ Skully DMC World Champion (Skit)
3. The Groundbreaker (radio edit)
4. Big N Bashy (featuring Tubby T)
5. Rogue Trader
6. Rap Folly (featuring Rodney P)
7. Car Chat (Skit)
8. Square Beamer
9. Stopclock
10. Proverbs 3110 (Skit)
11. Ooh
12. Scrunch
13. Stripey Shoes (Skit)
14. John Wayne Swagger
15. Old and Grey
16. Monstrous (featuring Elizabeth Troy)
17. Stay Blessed
18. The Groundbreaker (Shy FX and T Power remix)

And here's the direct link to the bandcamp site where his new EP can be got at for just £3. Can't scoff at that.

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