Thursday, 4 February 2010

Shut Da Lights Off!

Just a little smidgin to tide you over till the next few posts (we've got some great downloads coming up soon by the way). A small shoutout to the UK drum & bass and Dubstep scenes that are currently doing it big these days (especially dubstep). Here's DnB legend Adam F's most recent hip-hop foray in the same vain as his 'Anti-Acoustic Warfare' material.

He and Horx have roped in Redman for a re-working of the 'Smash Sumthin' track from years ago. Essentially its an entire new song with a completely different beat and hook with modified verses. Any excuse to put Redman up really, with him being one of my personal favourite emcees, especially when it involves a UK hip-hop link so its relevant to the site.

Check out the Adam F remix for some drum 'n' bass styling and the Caspa dub mix for some dubstep. Both are excellent.

Adam F & Horx (feat. Redman) - Shut The Lights Off EP

1. Shut The Lights Off (Radio Edit)
2. Shut The Lights Off (In Da Club Edit)
3. Shut The Lights Off (Adam F & Sigma DnB Remix)
4. Shut The Lights Off (Caspa & TrollySnatcher Dubstep Mix)

And here's the official video:

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