Monday, 15 February 2010

The Nosebleed Section

A quick update dropping some new UK flavours of a different kind today. Danny Diamond has a new EP called "303's and Nosebleeds" finished and ready to go and here we have it to download for you. The sound is spaced out and digital and despite Diamond being more of a singer than an emcee its definitely grounded within some hip-hop sensibilities and landscapes judging by the overall feel to the music.

With some collaborations from Manny Moscow and Capitol 1212 the 15minute mix of tracks mesh seamlessly from one to the other to offer a promising start for the UK artist.

He will be appearing on Radio 1 Scotland on the 24th Feb with Capitol 1212 and has a myspace page with links to new and different tracks so get familiar (word to Clinton Sparks) with this new artist.

On a personal note I'm definitely feeling the track "4 Years To The Day". Great futuristic sound throughout and a nice chilled feel to it. All in all a very promising EP from an up-and-coming artist.

Danny Diamond - 303's & Nosebleeds (2010)

Intro (prod. Casper B)
4 Years To The Day (prod. Casper B / Additional & Vocal Production. B Rhodes)
Double On The Rocks(Feat. Manny Moscow)
Bad Transmission(Prod. Casper B)
Leave A Light On(Capitol 1212 & Grubby Garner)

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