Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Can You Do The Fandango?

Following on from an earlier post that had a taster of the EP, here's the free download of FreeIceCream.net's new release "Bohemian Rap CD".

The EP has six tracks, all produced by Domer, and all sampled from one song: Queen's classic rock opera track "Bohemian Rhapsody". Using such concentrated sample material Domer has extracted some absolute bangers for the emcees to flow over.

Jake Lefco, illspokinn, Ryan-O'Neil, Kats, and Domer all appear on each of the six tracks, and the emcees create a thoroughly enjoyable album which in my opinion arguably eclipses anything else they have ever done.

Also, check out the site www.freeicecream.net regularly as they release a free album every month and their artists have so far kept up a very good quality control. There are about 10-15 albums already up there for free download so if you enjoy this one by all means go back and pick up hours of great music.

FreeIceCream - Bohemian Rap CD EP (2010)

1. Intro
2. Little High/Little Low
3. Leave You All Behind
4. So You Think You Can Spit
5. Mama Mia
6. Little Man

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