Thursday, 25 March 2010

UK Round-Up 25/03/2010

Three new UK rap videos have surfaced within the last 48 hours....and I thought the UK hip-hop scene was dead as a commercial tool....silly me.

Three videos from three great artists, two established, one upcoming. Here they are:

First up is one of my favourite UK emcees who I've tracked since his Heavy Bronx debuts, his EPs with Zero Theory and more recently Endemic. Here's his new video for "Gilgamesh II":

Next up its punchline prince Mystro with his track "Aquarius", from his upcoming EP "F.D.T.":

And finally we have upcoming emcee Skandal with his track "Kill Em With The Flow" featuring Black The Ripper and Little Dee (directed by fellow emcee Charlie Sloth):

Finally, here's one bonus video by emcee Dzham which I was sent that piqued my interest (mainly for the guest spot by Sway to be fair). Its hit first release on these shores but he's a ruskie fella, coming straight out of the world of Andrey Arshavin and numerous bond villains (thats really honestly all I know about Russia, sorry people). I bet he wears a dead animal for a hat and drinks vodka for breakfast. Anyway, here's the vid:

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