Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Just a quick drop for new UK emcee Skandal who is tipped to be a name you'll get familiar with in 2010. He has been getting play on 1Xtra recently for his track "Kill Em With The Flow". To top that, he's got UK frontrunner Klashnekoff and P-Money to jump on the remix and it sounds heavier than Vanessa Feltz on the trampoline.

Here's the radio rip of the remix AND the original with his freestyle of Young Money's "Bedrock" beat (you know, Young Money, that group with the midget tattoo artist, and the black barbie doll who raps like she's experiencing a stroke). Enjoy the new material....

Just so you know, the single is released 29th March on iTunes as part of the 'Quick Snack EP' along with the remix and some other tracks. Follow Skandal on twitter at http://twitter.com/inmykitchen . Oh and also don't forget to follow Northern Author (yours truly) on that twitter malarkey @ http://twitter.com/sniperinthemist - I'm new to the twitter game but I'm enjoying it and every time I post on the blog I'll leave updates on twitter along with my usual chitter-chatter, bullshit and bile.

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