Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First Rate Rap

Back on my grizzly like the bearman (he's now dead....killed by a bear...so maybe its not such a good idea). Back to the downloads and here we have a tasty album from producer and DJ First Rate from back in 2005.

The ex-Scratch Pervert got together some great emcees from the UK and the US to rhyme over some quality beats for his debut LP "Walky Talkyz". Released on Scenario Records, it got a buzz initially from the first track with Skinnyman "Barfight", which details Skinny's typical night in his local boozer (which I think we can all imagine would be quite interesting).

The buzz didnt stop there with tracks from UK legend Blade, Phi-Life Cypher and beatbox extraordinaire Killa Kela all getting in on the action. He also got Mr J. Medieros' group The Procussions on a song called 'Freedom' which enjoyed a bit of success on the undergound scene for them.

A thoroughly solid album from the battle DJ for his first foray into the producer album market and just another string to add to his bow of already extensive accolades from the deejay and turntablist circuit.

DJ First Rate - Walky Talkyz (2005)

1 Intro (feat. MC Wrec)
2 Barfight (feat. Skinnyman)
3 Bang On (feat. Red Eye)
4 One Day (feat. John McUlan)
5 Freedom (feat. The Procussions)
6 The Practice(feat. Sponge Crew)
7 Skit 1: Gidieon Style
8 The Cutz
9 Hamburger (feat. MC Blade)
10 Istanbul
11 Loop De Loop
12 New Rulesz (feat. Phil Life Cypher)
13 Skit 2
14 Something In The Way You Make Me Feel (feat. Killa Kela)
15 Walk The Walk (feat. Numbskullsz)
16 I Wander (feat. Project Redemption)
17 Untitled

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