Tuesday, 2 March 2010

UK Round-Up (02/03/2010)

Here's a chance for me to drop some great new downloads for you from new UK artists on the scene. Recently there have been a large amount of mixtapes and albums surfacing on the net for free from UK emcees trying to get into the game so here's a few of them I've been sent and been impressed by. Some are being covered in more depth on other sites but I felt it necessary to offer my own blog for more exposure for these deserved artists.

Without a massive background on some of this first emcee I'm going to let him do his own background bio's and rest my wanking hand for a bit. Enjoy the free albums and support your local artists!

No Change - Land Of The Lost (2010)

Welcome to the truth and the very real world of 'No Change' without argument one of the most exciting prospects for UK music!

The story begins back in 1997 when the BBC broadcast a half hour documentary on him living the life that most kids either dream of or have nightmares about. He was smoking weed, skateboarding and humourously exposing the theme park he worked on as a "dangerous place...this provided a very funny story and sent this artist on the path he follows today!

Three years and two broken legs later, sacked, kicked out of home onto the streets (homeless) living anywhere from bushes to YMCAs to halfway houses, he wrote his rhymes on cardboard and stolen paper sweet bags for three years (probably why he does not write anything down to this day). No-Change was a very fitting choice of artist name - doing nothing and dabbling in all sorts of low-level criminality, he decided to move to Leeds to pursue a rap career....

Leeds studios and producers started to jump on his talent - jobless, he stayed on floors and was given free studio time wherever he went - coz he was the best! Fathering a baby boy and surviving a rocky relationship (which culminated in No-Changes stabbing in 2008) provided the fuel, inspiration and sincerity for the fire and depth of his music.

Fast forward to 2010, No Change - the street poet is here.... older, wiser, and backed by the infamous crackhouse recordings, he now has a formidable back catalogue of 200+ studio quality songs made with some of the top producers and MCs in the North of England. Known locally as the gentleman rapper and collaborating with the likes of Defenders of Style, Danny Pig, Alphabetix, Instance and Mike D, gigging with major names such as Masta Ace, Skinnyman, and Blackalicious he is now an well respected and established name amongst Leeds' finest.

Welcome to the land of the lost, the debut LP from No-Change.

Click the link below to download the full album.


Charlie Sloth - The Black Book

This next one is from an emcee who has recently gathered a huge buzz in the UK scene from his hit single "Not Like You" featuring UK stalwart and legendary Taskforce member Farma G, and also Black The Ripper.

He releases his first full album through his own website http://www.charliesloth.com/ and the LP features pretty much a who's who of the UK scene, with appearances from Million Dan, Skinnyman, Rodney P, Stylah, Genesis Elijah, Wretch 32, Ramson Badbones, Mystro, Scor-Zay-Zee and many more.

That shouldnt distract you from the artist himself though because quite frankly, this album bangs harder than Mandingo in a porn flick. Check out his website for a background on the man to get familiar, but before you do that download the album and enjoy what I think might be one of the landmark releases of 2010.

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.charliesloth.com/v2/theblackbook

And here's the video for the single "Not Like You"


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