Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Beautiful Music To Die To

Another old compilation, this one being another label sampler, was a joint venture from Necro & Ill Bill's respective labels Psycho+Logical Records & Uncle Howie Records. It features 20 full tracks from the various artists on both rosters, and is a superb showcase for the skills the emcees within possess.

Of course, Necro's career is a well-documented one which is both adored and maligned in equal measure. He and his associates have always traded rhymes using shock lyrics and content, which to some is off-putting, to others perfect entertainment.
While you may or may not be a fan of "death rap" and its foremost purveyor, no-one can deny Necro's production ability. The guy can make astonishingly good music, and often not only acts as producer, but musician, playing a lot (at times all) of the instruments used on his records.

He recently came back with the album "Die!" which was released earlier this year on the Psycho+Logical imprint, and Ill Bill is due any minute with a new album called "Kill Devil Hills", an LP he shared with the legendary DJ Muggs who handles all production.

To gear you up for both of those albums, here is a time capsule and reminder of what they were doing 6 years ago, and what projects they were promoting.

The compilation isn't just Necro & Ill Bill, it features all emcees of Non-Phixion (Bill, Goretex & Sabac Red) and a few efforts from each of their respective solo efforts), former Arsonists frontman Q-Unique, Necro affiliate Mr. Hyde, and a few others such as Block McCloud & E.Dot.

Its 80 minute of hard-hitting east-coast rap with gritty lyrics, gritty beats and 100% entertainment. Feel the noise, enjoy the pain.

Psycho+Logical Records & Uncle Howie Records Label Compilation (2004)

1. Necro - Beautiful Music For You To Die To
2. Non-Phixion - The Plague (Snippet)
3. Ill Bill - Overkill
4. Q-Unique - Diamond In The Ruff
5. Goretex - Celebrity Roast
6. E-Dot - The Way I Live
7. Sabac Red (feat. Necro) - Positive & Negative
8. Block McCloud (feat. Jean Grae, Pumpkinhead & Killah Priest) - Master's Degree
9. Mr. Hyde (feat. Goretex, Ill Bill & Necro) - The Crazies
10. Non-Phixion - Caught Between Worlds
11. Necro (feat. Away of Voivod) - The Pre-Fix For Death
12. Q-Unique - Psychological Warfare
13. Ill Bill - The Anatomy Of A School Shooting
14. E-Dot - To Whom It May Concern
15. Goretex - The Last 100 Days Of Sodom
16. Non-Phixion - If You Got Love
17. Sabac Red (feat. Dash Mihok & Cenophia Mitchell) - I Have A Dream
18. Q-Unique - Father's Day
19. Mr. Hyde (feat. Necro & Uncle Howie) - Bums
20. Necro - Dead Body Disposal
21. Non-Phixion (feat. Hostyle) - Don't Get Beside Yourself
22. Ill Bill (feat. Necro & Uncle Howie) - Glenwood Projects (Snippet)

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