Friday, 2 July 2010


Sorry about the lack of posts, my intermittent readers. I have recently moved abode and the internet is yet to arrive(through the fault of Sky who apparently don't guarantee their "Award-Winning Broadband with one quick phone call" statement on their adverts). Needless to say 40 very SLOW phone calls, constant nagging, bitching and whining, contradictions and ignorant call-centre representatives later....I still have no home internet service.

This will change in the next two weeks so expect me to be late with a few posts of mixtapes I may have been emailed as when I get it up and running you'll find a flurry of posts. The fact I'm in a library typing this is of much irritation to myself. Luckily I've been able to lend a Kevin Keegan biography and a Sir Bobby Robson biography so all is not lost.

Expect Cyrus Malachi's new mixtape, a new Mr J Medieros track and a review of Cymarshall Law and Skit Slam's Everliven Sound album coming shortly, but until the internet is up and running I'd rather not leave you expecting much at all.

Rest assured Northern Author is alive and well, and able to interact with fellow hip-hop lovers on twitter at through the trusty iPhone. I'll release details on there when new posts are up but for now enjoy what we already have for you.

In addition to this stupendous site, I recommend a new UK hip-hop site called Cypherz at which is a spin-off (or rather an upgrade) from the Leeds Hip Hop Site. Its full of great videos and news not only from hip-hop but other UK urban genres such as the new obsession on these shores of dubstep, trusty but never trustworthy Grime, and maybe even some RnB or Drum n Bass chucked in for good measure.

Don't be a stranger, people....unless you're a wierd bastard. In which case, STAY a stranger. I don't need any more silliness in my already nonsensical existence.

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