Sunday, 18 July 2010

Mum's The Word

Diplo has been running things in the more, shall we say, "trendy" circles of hip-hop and urban music over the past 5 years, with his production success behind scenester's goddess MIA and his joint-venture with UK producer Switch as reggae-and-machine-gun-toting toaster Major Lazer being the crowning achievements.

Now Diplo has branched out into A&R responsibilities, running his own label Mad Decent, which is shaping up to have quite a busy 2010. Amongst running his own music through the label, Diplo has turned to the UK shores for some of his talent.
This is when Hackney-based producer Mumdance comes into the equation. This "Different Circles" mixtape is a precursor to his upcoming EP, as outlined in the Mumdance press statement below:

Mumdance's Different Circles mixtape is a mission statement confirming his kaleidoscopic tastes. With 17 original productions spanning ethnic tinged drunk funk woven into 1980's synth-pop, Balearic-tinged minimal techno, Baltimore gutter colliding with calypso, tribal guarachero & his very own home grown genre, 'kerplunk'. Collated as a precursor to his Forthcoming "Mum Decent EP" on Mad Decent (to be released August 23rd) as well as showcasing a host of other releases on Trouble & Bass, No Hats No Hoods, and Big Dada, this is a definitive guide to whats next. Different Circles features vocals from Esser, Trim, Jammer, Mc Sparks & Kie, Badness & Boy Better Know, as well as collaborations with Drums of Death, Shortstuff & Brackles, Toy Selectah & AC Slater.

So, here's your link to 37 minutes of genre-bending madness, all steeped in hip-hop and reggae dance music. Enjoy.

Mumdance - Different Circles Mixtape (2010)

And thats not it. If you're feeling that Mumdance release, back in January he put together another mixtape and released it through the Mad Decent blog page and his very own Myspace page called "Dadrock Mixtape". Link below...and you actually get a tracklist for that one (aren't you a lucky bugger)!

Mumdance - Dadrock Mixtape (2010)

1. Screeching Weasel – Dingbat – Roadkill
2. Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets –Frontier
3. Mission Of Burma – Thats How I Escaped My Certain Fate – Ace Of Hearts
4. Rites Of Spring – For Want Of – Dischord
5. Samhain – Let The Day Begin – Plan 9
6. Jawbreaker – Indicament – Tupelo / Communion
7. Embrace – Dance Of Days – Dischord
8. Hot Water Music – Turnstile – Toybox / No Idea
9. One Last Wish – Three Unkind Silences –Dischord
10. Eight Dayz – Whats So Strange About Me – New Wind
11. Integrity – Micha – Holy Terror / Toybox

To quote the Immortal Clay Davis, "Shiiiiiiieeeeet", let's drop something else for you while you're here. Staying with the Mad Decent theme, Diple and Switch dropped a Major Lazer Summer Mix for your aural pleasure, just in time for the Sun to come out and the holidays to begin. Its 30 minutes of Lazer-based remixes, rejigs and new tracks.

Major Lazer Summer Mix (2010)

KIGL - major lazer
pon the floor RAZZ & BIGGY mix
deh style deh - busy signal major lazer dubplate
hold yuh - gyptian (major lazer mix)
hold on - rusko (tom steven mix)
ride - rihanna (diplo edit)
one - s.h.mafia
freak - estelle (kaio mix)
rudeboy - giani mariano mix/dj tameil mix
on to the next one - jay z (lbl mix)
teach me how to dougie - cali swag district
good enough- major lazer
say it aint so- weezer/cash flow mix (lobster edit)
how lo- ludacris (caspa mix)(diplo bookashade edit)
show out - roscoe dash (h&v mix)
dancehall queen - robyn (stenchman and diplo mix)
swagga - excision (downlink mix)

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