Wednesday, 14 July 2010

CyMarshall Law Takes Over

Fresh off the back of his LP with our very own Skit Slam (who has collaborated extensively with UK rap legends Phi-Life Cypher) as Everliven Sound, Cymarshall Law is due to drop a new solo LP on his new label.

The emcee is going from strength to strength right now, and I have to admit I gave Freedom II (his Everliven Sound album) a full run through and it is actually superb. Great rhymes and superb beats by producer crew The Beatniks.

Well, for his solo LP he'll be backed up by the same production team and its sure to be another great release.

Here's the artwork and tracklisting for "Freedom Express Line":

Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz "Freedom Express Line"In Stores August 31st via XOXO Records/SONY RED

Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz "Freedom Express Line" Track Listing:

1. My Platform (Express Line Intro)
2. Zion Land
3. Believe This (No Money)
4. The Flyness
5. Give i Fi i Name
6. Armagideon
7. Door Peep
8. Love feat. Mary Lou
9. Don't Kill Your Brother feat. Skit Slam
10. Come Mek We Run
11. Where I Am
12. A Little Way Different

Also, to wet your whistle and give you the vinegar strokes thinking of his Everliven LP, CyMarshall was kind enough to give away for free a three-track smapler of his collaboration with Skit Slam on his Bandcamp site:

<a href="">Get Up Stand Up by Cymarshall Law</a>

Also, over time he's released quite a lot of material and mixtapes that may pique your interest on there, so have a rummage about in his gantry and come out with some gems at

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