Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Zips Undone

Okay, so I'm sure a lot of people have heard about Wiley's public menstruation that took place recently online, during which he sacked his manager on twitter then proceeded to leak more product than my johnny thompson at a urinal after a drinking contest. Well, the guys at Grime Forum managed to catch and share all of this piss with their members (of which I'm definitely not one, as for the most part I think Grime smells like cat shit to Hip-Hop's Hugo Boss).

As I said, I'm not the biggest Grime fan, but Wiley is an artist who for the most part has set himself apart from the rest of the scene, both dominating and leading it, and also temporarily leaving it behind at times.

His albums are often interesting, if rarely great, and I respect any artist with the testiculars to leak this amount of his hard work to his fans for free. Especially an established artist. I've not actually checked a lot of these links, so some may have been taken down and some may have been reuploaded, but there are links aplenty so if you're a fan of the influential emcee, enjoy the spoils and bask in his online tantrum's outcome.

For more files, if anymore DO get leaked, go over to the Grime Forum as they will continue to update.

Zip 1: (Download as Seperate Tracks)

Zip 2:

Zip 3:

Zip 4:

Zip 5:

Zip 6:

Zip 7:

Zip 8: (Windows users may need to delete the "...." out of the file name to unzip successfully).

Zip 9:

Zip 10:

Zip 11:

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