Tuesday, 12 June 2007

"Killing anything that moves, kid, sometimes nuns..."

A bit like a welcome song to the site, its 'Jelly-Bellied Eels' by DPF.

DPF is a Norwich-based (yes, Norwich, as in Norfolk, farmers, Robbie Earnshaw, Delia Smith...) emcee signed to Son Records. This is my personal favourite offering from him so far, and I think that he could still blow up on the british hip-hop scene if he comes back with a good album after releasing a string of good singles and EPs.

I first heard this song on the Son Records 'Last Word' compilation, which is a solid offering covering all of the best releases from the underground british label so far. Amongst its ranks, the label boasts former OutDaVille rapper C-Mone, and rap legend (in my opinion) HuntKillBury Finn.

On a side note, in future I expect a lot of my posts to be much longer than this, but I just wanted to add a song to get the ball rolling. Expect more in-depth analysis and linguistic brilliance in the coming posts...

Anyway, enjoy this, the first track from the Northern Author.

DPF - "Jelly-Bellied Eels"

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