Thursday, 14 June 2007

The Heavy Bronx Experience

The P Brothers & Cappo are easily among the best examples of modern hip-hop today. They have built their music on the 'boom-bap' sound of traditional rap and have formed some of the best made songs ever to come out of the UK. I'd have to say that alongside Lewis Parker and Jehst, the P Brothers are definitely some of the best producers ever to come out of the UK.

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Cappo was a member of the same record company as DPF was, Son Records, which gives us a lovely link from the last post onto this new one. However, he was never a huge cast member for them and came to prominence only once he had forged a superb partnership with Paul S & Ivory (The P Brothers). Cappo's first solo album, Spaz The World (superbly un-pc album name!), was a revelation. It grumbled with deep basslines and hit hard with its beats, and Cappo's cadence and voice complemented the brooding music brilliantly.

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However, the first examples of Cappo rhyming over P Brothers beats comes on the Heavy Bronx Experience vinyl series. THE track that blew me away by the Akai Professional was 'Nottingham BX', which had possibly the hardest and loudest drums ever to be put on a track. They made the drums sampled on Rick Rubin tracks sound like a fieldmouse sneezing. Again, I love Cappo on the song, as his flow was MEAN. In the best possible sense of the word.

Then came '3 Kings', a P Brothers posse cut with fellow Nottingham dwellers Scor-Zay-Zee (formerly of OutDaVille), Mr. 45, and of course, Cappo. This song's brilliance comes from its simple but hypnotic bass, and all three emcees spitting lyrics like they were in competition. Scor-Zay-Zee steals the show with the 1st verse, though.

"When I'm writing a rap I'm like a dog fighting a cat,
Arse-kissers get in the game, their tongue right in the crack,
I step in the front, never one to hide in the back,
Ask yourself on stage is the crowd likely to clap,
When I bust verse, they said I wouldn't make it cos I'm white and I'm fat,
The P Brothers put me right on the track,
With the great Lee Ramsay, 4-5 and the Cap,
I was, lost in the Bronx trying to find me a map"

"I put my fists out and say 'Bronx' cos that's the word"

Cappo has more recently been working with Zero Theory, and released an EP just over a year ago that I own on vinyl. I would upload it but have no idea what cable I would need to connect the turntable to the PC (Any help?). Either way, except for the odd song from both Cappo and The P Brothers, its been a while since we've heard a lot of material from both camps, so listen to this to keep you ticking over till then.

Cappo - Grand Final (from 'Spaz The World')

P Brothers (feat. Cappo) - Nottingham BX

P Brothers (feat. Scor-Zay-Zee, Cappo & Mr. 45) - 3 Kings

Cappo & Konny Kon - CapKon Entertainment


Perfecta said...

good to see P Brothers getting some love, i've live in Nottingham and I'm proud to have these cats representing want more P brothers go to my homies blog,
for their albums...

SniperInTheMist said...

cheers mate - I never heard heavy bronx experience vol.1 all the way through before!

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