Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Daily Reminder

As well as reading up on the artists I cover on this blog, and downloading the tasty treats I upload for anyone that wants them, don't forget to look at my other blog.

'Gangsta Jackanory' (pointless name that doesn't reflect anything about its content) is the more personal side of my writing. I have been updating it for two and a half years now, and it is just my opinion on day to day events, and just full of anything that I find interesting enough to post/write about.

I first started writing about music on that site (albeit briefly and only on the rare occasion) and that combined with reading the good work I see other bloggers doing is what influenced me to start 'Northern Author'. I still maintain both blogs and try my best to post something on either of them every two days. If I don't, get me told!

The next post will see me back to the daily grind, as I've got at least half-a-dozen ideas for posts and a lot of artists to cover, so stay tuned for more music, news and views brewed in Britain!

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