Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A Blog Called It

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When I first heard this guy shoutout "To all my Kirklees and Huddersfield people, stand up" on his songs I got a little crazy. Hearing someone shout out the exact place you are based, and knowing that they're from within the same mile radius that you currently live in always gives the listener an extremely strong connection with the rapper. He even has the Galpharm Stadium (Huddersfield Town FC's ground) on his album's front cover!

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Anyway, onto the music and the man behind. Asaviour was first fully introduced (give or take a few minor appearances on songs) through his aid on the classic Jehst track 'People Under The Weather', and off the back of his verse he gained enough hype to get a deal with UK hip-hop giants Lowlife Records.

His first EP 'Savior Faire' was the perfect introduction for him into the rap game. With only four or five tracks on it, it had to be superb to make an impact - it did. Asaviour's debut EP sizzled with beats that mirror his surroundings (If you've ever been to Huddersfield you'll know what I mean) and introspective lyrics. He produced some of it himself, showing some talent behind the boards, and got his mate and fellow Yorkshireman Jehst to produce the monster that has become 'Money In The Bank'.

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The EP did well and the stage was set for his full debut 'The Borrowed Ladder'. Although the album wasn't the most hyped of releases, it was more solid than Hadrian's Wall, with track after track filled with great lyrics.

Asaviour's flow can be described as quite lazy, slurring the words around in his mouth, giving it just the right amount of distain and vigour to make his verses memorable. His music can be compared to that of the aforementioned Jehst, but a little darker. His single 'So Northern' with Braintax did brilliantly and showed that Asaviour, although a long way off being one of the best in the game, is a future star and will only get better with time.

Northern Author's Asaviour Collection

1. Jehst (featuring Asaviour) - People Under The Weather (from 'Return Of The Drifter')
2. Asaviour - A Track Called It (from 'Savior Faire EP')
3. Asaviour (featuring Jehst) - Money In The Bank (Original Version) (from 'Savior Faire EP')
4. Asaviour - Playin' The Game (from Evil Ed's 'The Enthusiast')
5. Asaviour (featuring Braintax) - So Northern (from 'The Borrowed Ladder')
6. Asaviour - Field Of Dreams (from 'The Borrowed Ladder')
7. Asaviour - Borrowed Ladder (from 'The Borrowed Ladder')

As a bonus, I purchased a mixtape made by Asaviour and DJ IQ just before the release of his debut album, and it features some other tracks of the album, some freestyles from him and also many other songs from other UK artists. It even has one or two tracks by US artists such as Jay-Z, Slum Village and MED of Stones Throw fame. It is a top quality mixtape that isn't spoiled by the shouting deejays that ruin every single US mixtape ever made (can someone make DJ Kay Slay shut the fuck up!! Please, he is THE most annoying man in the world). Anyway enjoy the Asaviour collection (it is worth the download) and enjoy this mixtape too.

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01. Play 2 Win Intro
02. Asaviour - Drama Thing Exclusive
03. Peter Brown - Lead Me On
04. Cappo - I Know
05. Usmann / Asaviour - Freestyle Live On 1Xtra
06. Verb T - Keep Moving Exclusive
07. Asaviour - Themes Remix Exclusive
08. Rodney P - Smugglin
09. Evil Ed Feat. Jehst / Asaviour - Weed
10. Braintax - Lets Go Away Exclusive
11. Nas - One Love
12. Evil Ed Feat. Asaviour - Playin The Game
13. Milano - Done In Vain
14. Asaviour - It's Like That Freestyle Exclusive
15. Asaviour - Bangas And Mash Exclusive
16. Med - Push
17. Asaviour - Vip Freestyle Exclusive
18. Kashmere - Permission To Board
19. Jehst / Asaviour / Detones - Transform
20. Bill Zoot - Are You Ready? Exclusive
21. Asaviour - A Track Called It
22. Jehst Feat. Asaviour - Wake Up
23. Volton Craggie AKA Vc - By His Deeds
24. Ghost Feat. Asaviour - On The Right Track Exclusive
25. Asaviour - Invisible Inc Freestyle Exclusive
26. Willy Hutch - Brothers Guna Work It Out
27. Asaviour - Borrowed Ladder Exclusive
28. Asaviour / DJ IQ - Live On Mkd Show
29. Groundwurk - This Is For The Heads Exclusive
30. Kaspa - No Nonsense Exclusive
31. Konny Kon / Bill Zoot - Trenches Exclusive
32. Twinky Blu Tac - Move Freestyle Exclusive
33. Slum Village - The Hours
34. Jay Z - Some People Hate
35. Asaviour - So Northern Exclusive
36. Play 2 Win - Outro

And finally, a video with Asaviour in it. I thought I'd give DJ IQ a bit more shine also, with his upcoming 'Brainfood' project not long off completion, he's released this great song and video featuring a cavalry of UK emcees. Some emcees obviously outshine others, but it is a good showcase for a lot of rappers so give it a viewing.

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